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Coming from a small town and being raised in a close family has shaped Magdalena’s ambition to help people from rural communities. She has developed essential leadership, organizational, and teamwork skills through her many volunteering and work experiences. These experiences have also allowed her to give back to her community. Through her role at the nonprofit organization, YouthZone, and creating a youth adversity board, she has developed a passion for leading a team and working together to create a more effective organization. Working with the Key club has allowed her to help various groups and grow close to members of her communities, whether that be the elderly or elementary students. These opportunities have shaped her into a dependable and open minded person that is ready to help in any way she can. Living in an undocumented home has brought its struggles, but this reality has fueled Magdalena’s passion for activism and politics. She seeks to become a lawyer to protect vulnerable communities like immigrants and refugees. She also hopes to get into politics and become a leader because there is a need for representation in her community. Though she will have to do a lot of juggling, she is used to this as she kept up a high GPA, a part-time job, and leadership positions in extracurricular activities throughout high school.


  • Key Club, President 
  • Spanish National Honor Society, Vice President
  • Youth Zone Board