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Using computer science to expedite the implementation of biomedical research.

Kindness, a value ingrained in Madison’s heart from a young age, permeates every facet of her being. It shines brightly through her unwavering dedication to supporting the homeless, championing youth-led grants, and supporting her family during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic. Madison’s leadership is evident through her role as the leader of The Box From Home Project, a venture she spearheads, and her involvement with The Teen Grantmaking Council for The Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro.

Her hometown has become the canvas upon which she paints her mark, serving as a student-athlete, softball coach, tutor, barista, friend, and devoted daughter. In these multifaceted roles, Madison cherishes the invaluable opportunity to learn from the diverse life experiences of others, while simultaneously nurturing her own sense of leadership.


  • Co-founder Box from Home
  • Starting Pitcher (Softball)
  • Teen Grantmaking Council