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Ensure gender equality by elevating the voices and experiences of women and providing equitable opportunities, free of biases and disparities.

Brooke is an avid feminist on a mission to bring equal rights to women, especially in the entertainment industry. “I hope my legacy inspires young girls to stop at nothing to ensure they are represented equally, to know that their input and the stories they have to share matter and to believe that they have just as much power to effect positive change as anyone else.” She has been active member of her community all throughout high school, participating and leading a multitude of community service projects including initiating a snack drive for an after school program and coordinating a disaster relief drive for Nashville.

In high school, Brooke challenged herself with rigorous honors and college-level courses. She has already completed 57 college credit hours, earned an Early College Essentials Technical Certificate of Credit with a 4.0 GPA at a local community college, and was named a Dean’s List honoree twice at her local university. When the pandemic altered her learning environment and pushed her out of her comfort zone, Brooke was relentless in adapting her routines in order to succeed, while also realizing it is not the challenges that define you, but how you react, learn and move forward.


  • Future Business Leaders of America, Vice President
  • Waynesboro Mayor’s Youth Council, Chairperson of Publicist Committee
  • Beta Club, Secretary