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Fix the problems of tomorrow, no matter how big or small.

Luis hails from Gilcrest, a small rural farming town in northern Colorado where “the smell of manure can be picked up from a mile away”. However, the strength of his connection to this community runs deep. Growing up in Gilcrest shaped Luis into the person he is today. The sense of ownership and accountability that comes from living in a small town allowed him to develop meaningful relationships with community members and a deeper understanding of the unique needs that come with living in a rural town. Luis has dedicated his time inside and outside of the classroom to volunteering for his community, spending countless hours giving back to his local elementary school, food bank, and church. As a first generation student whose parents moved to the United Stated to provide a better life for him and his brothers, Luis knows the importance of education and its ability to provide opportunities not only for himself, but his family and community. He is a hard working individual who is energized about giving back to his community and making an impact.


  • Student Council – Co-President + Vice President
  • National Honor Society – Student Council Representative + Vice President
  • Interact Club – President + Reporter