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Introduce more equitable resources and services to communities that have shaped me, as well as to impoverished communities.

Growing up as a first-generation Asian-American has pushed Lisa to maturity and independence. Rather than allow her past experiences to define her, she uses them to identify inequity when she sees it and motivate herself to address it. Lisa takes problems head on, such as joining her school’s cheerleading team as a way to confront her shyness, then making the Varsity team and earning the title “Most Committed”. She has been dedicated to positively shaping her community since elementary school. Quick to use a ‘Dad Joke’ to break an awkward silence, Lisa aspires to have meaningful and genuine conversations with those around her. She uses her passion for getting STEM as a way to connect with the youth of her community.

Lisa’s mom always says, “no one cares about how intelligent you are until you use that privilege for good.” Educating herself in pursuit of helping others is something Lisa will spend the rest of her life doing. With a budding passion for biology and a desire to help others, she intends to pursue an education on the pre-medical track. She hopes, after many years of lectures, research, internships, and volunteering, she will become a doctor for Doctors Without Borders. Helping communities throughout the world will allow Lisa to expand her empathy and use her privilege for good.


  • Thirst Project, President
  • Payton Volleyball, Team Manager
  • Asian Student Initiative, Member