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Unleashing entrepreneurial spirit to bring about positive change in education for underprivileged communities.

Lina is committed to driving positive change in education equity, affordable housing, and accessible banking through business-government partnerships, socially driven entrepreneurship, and public policy. She was inspired by experiencing the struggles that her immigrant parents faced in America as well as her own experiences living in a community that lacked social capital and experienced large-scale displacement and disinvestment. Lina is a catalyst for change in her school and community. She created her school’s first Key Club, a service-based organization committed to encouraging leadership through service, civic engagement, and youth advocacy, and regularly volunteers at food banks, charities, and community organizations. On an international scale, she founded a youth-led economics-related nonprofit organization whose mission is to connect ambitious high school & college students with professionals in the realm of business, economics, finance, and higher education through events, peer-to-peer mentorship, community engagement, and networking opportunities effectively reaching over 1,000,000+ students worldwide. In her free time, Lina loves indulging in debates, reading books, learning about current affairs, biking around the city, visiting different museums, and trying different cultural cuisines.


  • Founder & President of Global Youth Economics Forum
  • Founder & President of Manhattan Hunter Science High School Key Club
  • Head of RoundPier Content Engagement