LaMoure Philmon

Howard University
Class of 2024

Ensuring every student has an equitable chance regardless of their circumstances.

A self-identified maverick, LaMar works hard to understand other the perspectives of others without inserting his own personal bias. At a summer leadership institute, LaMar experienced repeated racist incidents, but rather than dropping out of the program, LaMar completed the summer and plans to return as a resident assistant to ensure other students have a more positive experience.

LaMar constantly seeks out new social groups and experiences to enhance his perspective of the world around him. After participating in Colorado Uplift and Urban Youth Ministries, LaMar recognized the impact that each program had on him as a young boy, and plans to carry on that impact by volunteering with young students to promote their self-worth and confidence. LaMar says, “I want to make a change in the world through youth to create a long-lasting domino effect on future generations.”


  • President, Black Student Alliance
  • Representative & Senior Class President, Student Council