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Generate lasting diversity and equal access in healthcare.

With his earliest years spent in Ethiopia, Kiya’s language barrier made it difficult to fit in after arriving in the United States as a child. His positivity, kindness, and determination made it possible to emerge as a community role model in high school. As leader of the Montview Cubesat Team, Kiya explored the potentials of STEM and aerospace, demonstrating the impact of curiosity. The team successfully launched a satellite into the stratosphere, a testament to their unity and resilience under Kiya’s leadership. Through the Colorado Youth Congress, Kiya proposed state-level changes to improve curriculum for underserved youth and as MC^2 Ambassador he introduced black students to opportunities that exist in the medical field. Kiya is attending Northwestern University to pursue a degree in Biomedical Science in hopes to promote diversity and equal access in healthcare.


  • Medical Career Collaborative (MC^2), Ambassador
  • Montview Cubesat, Head of Soldering/Mentor
  • Leadership Enterprise for a Diverse America (LEDA) Scholar