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Striving to be the first among 5 siblings to graduate from a four-year university, Kiona was able to overcome a family pattern of addiction and incarceration.  She followed education as her path to success and excelled both academically and in her extracurricular activities. At East High School, Kiona was treasurer of the Black Student Alliance, a Link Leader, a member of the Medical Club, while also holding a part-time job. She spearheaded the Flint Water Drive at her school and participated in a variety of other community service activities to provide for families in need.

Troubled by the performance gap of minorities in school, Kiona would like to start an organization that both raises the standards and meets the educational needs of all children. Her counselor says, “Kiona gets great satisfaction from helping others, displays great intelligence and intellect, and acts with compassion in all that she does. She has thrived through all obstacles and now is on her way to changing her family’s history forever.”