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Exploring real-world applications of mathematics and promoting equal access to quality STEM education.

The daughter of Chinese immigrants, Kayla grew up watching her parents struggle with job opportunities, immigration challenges, and financial roadblocks. After her father lost his job over citizenship concerns and returned to China, Kayla began tutoring to help support her family. Even while working part-time, helping take care of her sibling, and commuting three hours to school each day, Kayla found time to conduct independent STEM research on synchrotron radiation and presented her findings at Intel ISEF.

In addition to her research, Kayla dances competitively, founded a micro-financing club and has organized multiple conferences. Kayla is focused on setting a positive example for young, under-resourced girls in STEM fields. With a degree in mathematics, Kayla hopes to reform America’s math education system and solve the gerrymandering issue in our country.


  • Captain, Competitive Mathematics Team
  • President, Kiva Club
  • President, Chicago Youth Talks
  • Executive Board Member, Computer Science 4 All