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Katherrin’s artwork- which is heavily inspired by her Hispanic heritage, first-generation American identity, and personal interests- has been displayed in the U.S Capitol Building for a year, the Art Institute of Chicago’s modern wing, and the Abraham Lincoln Library- Museum. She’s worked at her local public library, Michaels, Marwen, Gallery 37, volunteered at the AnySquared art nonprofit, and researched light pollution at the Adler Planetarium. Last Fall, she independently organized Visionary Art Gallery, creating a platform for 8 musicians & 65 underrepresented teen artists to share their 250+ pieces of art with 500+ guests while raising 100s of dollars for the 3Arts nonprofit. When she isn’t busy running clubs or her small art business, she enjoys weightlifting and playing instruments. In the future, she hopes to continue to organize community art events, create an art nonprofit in Chicago (offering music and art classes to children in disenfranchised communities), and create political commentary art to raise awareness of issues her community faces


  • Kathy’s Sketchbook, Small Art Business Owner
  • Varsity Badminton, Captain 
  • Latino Club, Co-President