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Provide care for the neglected as a geriatrics nurse practitioner towards those who can no longer assist themselves.

Joselyne is deeply passionate about her community and looks to them as a constant sign of hope. After surviving the Rwandan Civil War, Joselyne’s parents escaped to Tanzania where she was born. As African refugees, she and her family were given the opportunity to move to the United States in search of a better life. Once in the U.S., Joselyne quickly became a leader in her household acting as a translator, paying bills, cashing checks, and filling out EBT documents. Joselyne is grateful that she learned how to advocate for herself and her family at such a young age. She said, “Learning to be proactive and responsible in family matters also helped me to learn English, balance two jobs to help my family and save for college, motivate my peers during classes and extracurricular activities.”

In high school, not only did Joselyne take dual enrollment classes to earn an Associate of Science degree by the end of her senior year, but she also obtained her Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) license while working 35 hours a week at a senior living facility. Joselyne hopes to become a geriatrics nurse where she can continue to serve her community through caring for others, providing a support system when needed, and being a source of inspiration to those who share a common background.


  • Circle Bridge Project, Volunteer
  • Care & Share Food Bank, Volunteer
  • Retreat at Sunny Vista, Care Partner