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Increasing social equity through education and advocacy.

A child of Appalachia, Johnathon is determined to better serve his community and generate effective social change. Engrossed in the world of small-town politics and local government, he is interested in exploring the intersections of identity and assessing how marginalized identities are compounded through the lenses of queerness, class, and race. A staunch advocate of LGBTQIA+ rights, Johnathon has worked as a mentor and organizer for those of disparate backgrounds and identities. A first generation college student, Johnathan’s drive for a comprehensive education is taking him to Duke University, where he will further his knowledge of public policy and gender studies. Activating equity and social change, Johnathan intends to utilize his collegiate pursuits and a future career in the public sector to make education more accessible for Appalachian communities and celebrate Appalachian identity and culture.


  • FBLA, Chapter President
  • Queer Youth Mentor
  • Appalachian Community Advocate