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Creating community change through equal opportunity and advocacy for the marginalized.

Ever-optimistic and selfless, Jerimiah is fully committed to making a positive difference in the lives of others. After his elderly grandparents fell ill, Jerimiah made the decision to take a CNA course so that he could support his family financially while also obtaining the skills needed to provide in-home care to his grandparents. While his new schedule presented significant challenges, he learned how to manage his time and priorities, ultimately making him a better student and giving his life greater purpose.

After suffering several traumatic experiences related to self-doubt and discrimination, Jerimiah has overcome his grief and has now pledged his life to enlightening those who are under-represented and advocating for equal opportunity in his community. “Living in a rural community where the new generation’s ideas are frowned upon, individuality has lost its capacity to flourish…my goal is to illustrate that individuality is true beauty, and that young people are capable of achieving their dreams through hard work and dedication, while still maintaining distinctiveness of character-regardless of any situation.”