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Activating students as environmental change-makers and innovating solutions to combat the climate crisis.

Jensen is a roboticist, environmental activist, badminton player, part-time rocket scientist, debater, political campaigner, cat-lover, and teacher. From creating a device preventing frozen pipes, to an electronic recycling bin that rewards students, when Jensen finds problems, they leverage a love of coding and engineering to create solutions. This passion led Jensen to start a STEM club, where students created a concept backpack utilizing ultrasonics and neuroplasticity to assist in visually impaired navigation. As an educator, Jensen created a virtual curriculum leading global robotics classes, empowering hundreds of students from dozens of countries to pursue STEM. Majoring in electrical engineering and computer science at MIT, Jensen will further develop the technological skills they need to continue changing the world one invention at a time.


  • STEM Club, Founder
  • Seeds of Hope, Founder
  • Robotics Team, Programming Captain