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Fight injustices that plague our society.

At age 12, Jasmin stood downtown Denver holding a sign and a mason jar while fundraising for her mother’s cancer treatment. Due to her family’s socioeconomic standing, her mother was faced with limited treatment options. Unfortunately, she lost her battle with cancer, but that hasn’t stopped Jasmin from continuing the fight to work towards a better future for all no matter their socioeconomic status. Jasmin is focused on fighting the injustices in society while supporting those affected by them. She plans to become an entrepreneur, and use her business’ profits to support her employees and communities in need of assistance.

As an Asian American and Native American, 2020’s increase in hate crimes towards Asians and the continuation of unsettling conditions on reservations sparked an idea. Jasmin founded and became the student leader for the Asian and Native American Representation club at GALS. She facilitated meetings for Asian and Indigenous students to express their experiences and advocate for unrecognized struggles they faced on a daily basis. Through the creation of the Asian and Native American Representation club, Asian and Native American students started speaking up more than ever before in her high school’s history. Jasmin gave her fellow students a voice and a space to express themselves, something she plans to continue to do for many more people in the future.


  • Student Body Government, Student Leader
  • Colors United Group, Founder & Student Leader
  • Asian/Native American Representation Club, Founder & Student Leader