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Empowering underserved communities through creativity and entrepreneurship.

Izzy was born into a world of responsibilities. From an early age, she spent days helping out at her immigrant parents’ small construction business and witnessed the blatant micro-aggressions they faced due to their heavy accents. Izzy saw how her parents struggled to keep the business afloat, especially after her three younger siblings were born. She began caring for her younger siblings while balancing several part-time jobs and summer internships to support her family financially.

Izzy’s priority is to align her business skills with social impact to help underserved communities. This is why she founded Excelsior Learning, a free tutoring organization that serves local NYC youth, preparing them to ace high school admissions tests. Izzy fueled her passion for business and entrepreneurship, creating a vintage clothing shop on Depop, selling second-hand clothing her parents intended to discard. She also served as the President of the Business Department for her school’s largest Robotics team. Izzy is motivated to always brainstorm ways to keep innovating solutions to community issues and use her entrepreneurial skills to put these ideas into action.


  • Founder of Excelsior Learning
  • Business Department President of FRC Robotics Team 694 StuyPulse
  • Small Business Owner – Depop