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Empowering students to see their full capabilities and purposes through a more equitable education.

As the second oldest of eight children, Imani helps to care for her siblings while also working 30 hours a week to help support her family. At an early age, Imani’s parents instilled in her the importance of education, which she has adopted as a core personal value. Growing up, she saw the way her parents gave selflessly to others by letting a homeless woman live with her family and raising money for the local elementary school by running fall festivals. Imani knew that regardless of what she would do in her life it would involve helping others.

In high school, Imani combined two of her true passions of education and serving others by volunteering in elementary classes and working as a teaching assistant in a tutoring center. She was later chosen to be a member of the Georgia Department of Education Student Advisory Council. Through these activities, she gained a greater understanding of the differences and disparity within the education system, increasing her desire to promote change. Imani aims to be a change agent to help her community and to show every person she encounters that regardless of any circumstance you can live out your dreams and fulfill your destiny.


  • Council Member, Georgia Department of Education Student Advisory
  • Vice President, Teen Advisory Board
  • Member, Georgia Department of Human Services Youth Empowerment Series