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Inspiring all people, regardless of gender, to reach their full potential through equal and accessible opportunities.

Ibne comes from a long line of stay-at-home moms. After years of enduring gender discrimination, she helped found “Dream Equal,” a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering all people, regardless of gender, to reach their greatest potential. By conducting workshops with students, she focuses on eradicating gender stereotypes in youth; aiming to build better futures focused on inclusivity and equality. While working with Dream Equal, she realized that not everyone has the privilege to dream. Every day, she strives to help underprivileged youth obtain higher education through tutoring, hosting seminars at local colleges, or conducting research. Ibne plans to double major in business and engineering. She would like to gain a further understanding of societal discrimination and provide equitable resources to everyone for them to succeed. Ibne hopes to continue persisting in the ages-long battle for gender equity while inspiring others to dream without limits.


  • President of UNICEF Club
  • Founding member and Director of Curriculum Development at “Dream Equal”
  • Managing Editor of the Newspaper club