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Empower marginalized and under-resourced communities via scholarship, service, and economic support.

As a straight ‘A’ student, Huda is not only academically impressive, but she is uniquely confident and true to herself, without fail. The daughter of Muslim immigrants who emphasize the values of education and hard work, Huda has an immense appreciation for the numerous opportunities in America compared to her parents’ impoverished upbringing in India. With a passion for psychology and Islamic studies, she is eager to study mental health to bridge the gap between what Islam says about mental health and how culture stigmatizes it.

After she personally witnessed the prevalence of depression and anxiety in her peers, Huda founded Grateful Guidance, a mental health initiative focused on reducing stigma on asking for help. Her mission is to spread hope, equity, laughter, and positivity by providing confidential safe spaces, encouraging self-care, and connecting students with resources about mental health.


  • Muslim Student Association, President
  • Grateful Guidance, Founder
  • Student Council, Board Member