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Creating the foundation for Africa’s access to space.

Henock Tilahun is an Ethiopian-American, who at the age of eight boarded his first flight on an Ethiopian Boeing 787 Dreamliner, sparking his passion to create change around the world through the aerospace industry. In three different visits to Ethiopia, he explored various regions, learning about his ancestral history and identity, and discovered the importance of not letting adversity hold him back from achieving his goals. His visit to his family’s small village inspired him to always dream big, which sparked him to aim for what’s “impossible”. During Henock‚Äôs four years at DSST Montview High School, he was an active member of the Mile High Flight Program exposing him to the aviation/aerospace industry. He networked with aerospace industry leaders and even earned flight hours, experiencing the power of flight in his own hands. As a recognition of his dedication, he was awarded a signed plaque from one of the last living Tuskegee Airmen. Henock has experienced many great things in his life, but he also has learned from hardships. He has been shaped by new environments and opportunities to carry his servitude spirit. His future at Stanford University and beyond will demonstrate his character and the change-making actions he will conduct around the world.


  • Leader, Mile High Flight Program
  • Leader, Architecture Construction Engineering
  • Treasurer, Student Council