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Providing adequate and affordable healthcare to people in developing nations.

As the daughter of Ethiopian immigrants, Hanan developed an acute appreciation of how vital education is to a well-developed community after an eye-opening visit to her homeland. Upon her return, Hanan made the decision to focus on her studies and to reconnect with her African Muslim heritage. She joined AVID and went from a B-student in middle school to graduating in the top 1% of her class. Concurrently, Hanan dedicated herself to lifting up the less fortunate in a number of volunteer roles while challenging herself to achieve a varsity position on the tennis team.

Hanan will attend Colorado College and aspires to become a physician so she can transform healthcare in developing nations and disenfranchised communities. She has seen firsthand the devastating outcomes from lack of basic healthcare, which she aims to change, saying “I plan to create lasting impact by providing better doctor-community relationships that ultimately make the community healthier as a whole.”

There are many other scholarships are out there, they mostly provide only funding. A college education that comes with additional support and guidance is vital to succeeding.


  • Co-founder of Africans United