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Lupe has been an integral part of her North High School community through the brink of closure, to a school that students are proud to attend with some of the best test scores in the district. She founded and spent all four years on Student Council and was one of five students in the district on the Denver Public School’s Student Board of Education. Lupe’s teacher says, “Lupe was one of the founding members of Student Council here at North High School. She helped me build the program from the ground up… Her work with the Student Council and Student Board of Education has been an inspiration for all students in the district.”

Lupe worked extensively to improve her high school and wants to change broken academic systems that disadvantage minorities to create equal opportunity. She has already dedicated significant time to this issue; she worked to pass the ‘Student Voice, Student Vote’ bill that would allow 16 year old students to vote for school board and is addressing student disengagement through the 5280 Challenge.