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Helping people feel seen, heard, and appreciated.

Ginelle is a visionary who is passionate about the arts and storytelling, and representation within both. Inspired by her Ghanaian roots, Ginelle wants to one day produce a film that tells the immigrant story–one that sheds light on their life before immigrating to a new land. She’s excited to learn more about her passion and find different ways to use the arts to help others. “I hope to be remembered as an advocate of making sure that minorities are seen in works of art.” Ginelle is very active in the arts community, serving as actor, singer, writer, and all around student of the craft in various programs, including Steppenwolf Theater’s Young Adult Council, Lookingglass Theatre, The Miracle Center, Contemporary Book Club, and the Melanated Thoughts, Melanated Voices Club. Ginelle’s other activities include high school track and field sprinter, cheerleading (a family tradition), and numerous volunteer efforts.


  • Lakeview Food Pantry, Volunteer
  • Melanated Voices Club, Member
  • National Honors Society, Tutor