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Engineering opportunity and change while bridging the gap for marginalized communities.

Gabriel understands the value of hard work, as he grew up carrying the immense weight of supporting his family and ensuring the wellbeing of those around him. Raised by a single father struggling to maintain employment, Gabriel quickly stepped into the role of sole income earner for his household of five. While the role he plays in his family takes up a large amount of time, he also devoted himself to his academics and volunteerism. He volunteers with youth to help prepare them for future success through STEM Fest, speech and debate, and Young Ameritowne, a financial education course for elementary students.

Gabe says “the experience of being in this position has taught me how to juggle my own dreams and aspirations with the responsibilities and challenges that life brings.” During his internship with EnviroTech Services, he was exposed to the world of business, performance, and environmental sustainability. He hopes to encompass each as he strives to become a successful engineer. His definition of success is “producing remarkable change.”


  • Lead Student Coordinator, Vitalant Blood Drive
  • Member, Cache Bank Junior Board
  • Organizer, STEM Fest