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Changing the mindset of the people to a one of collaboration and understanding of their roles in a developing society.

Fernando is an outgoing person who enjoys forming genuine relationships with others. In Venezuela, he was a dedicated member of his school’s community and served in student council where he helped bring about many positive changes to his school. Outside of the classroom, he organized holidays and celebrations to give his classmates the opportunity to enjoy them despite the country’s struggling economy. He is also no stranger to adversity, as his family often struggled to afford essentials. When Fernando’s immediate family moved to the US for a better life, he was devastated that he had to leave the rest of his family behind.

However, these challenges have made him determined to return to Venezuela and lead others to the betterment of his country. Fernando intends to study economics and government so he can work towards the stabilization of his country’s economy and give back to those who had such a great impact on him during his youth. He also wishes to change the mindset of his people to one of collaboration and understanding.


  • President, Student Council