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As the sole income earner for his family, Faiz’s relentless spirit knows few bounds; he works full-time hours in addition to excelling academically, co-founding and leading his school’s Muslim Student Association, and completing chemistry research at Loyola University. Faiz describes his leadership as “visionary” and derives his passion for medicine from his family, particularly in the wake of his father’s passing from chronic kidney failure. After pursuing an education in biochemistry and pharmacy, Faiz hopes to affect big changes in the pharmaceutical industry and improve access to life-saving medications for low-income populations.

Faiz has boundless maturity and relentlessness: “I strongly believe the difficulties and responsibilities I faced and continue to face are invaluable strengths that have prepared me to handle anything that comes my way in the future. By staying positive, I am able to stay motivated and push myself to achieve my goals and constantly improve; I do everything that I can to make sure I have a prosperous future not only for myself, but also for my family and my community.”