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Growing practical sustainability by educating others on re-engineering used materials.

An innovator and entrepreneur, Erick has a combined passion for art, science, and his community through blacksmithing. As a self-taught blacksmith, he has demonstrated his commitment to advancing his education both inside and outside of the classroom. A proponent for environmental conservation, he relies on creativity and resourcefulness to engineer new objects exclusively from recycled materials.

As founder of The Smithers, a club focused on teaching how to forge and create art out of metal, he is solely responsible for producing the student curriculum and lesson plans. With these classes his goal is to keep his craft vital and alive by teaching how blacksmithing operates globally and educating younger generations on the history of the tools and machines we have today. He says, “Blacksmithing, in my eyes, is not only about designing swords, forged tongs or molded metal flowers. It is about forging relationships with others, molding my community into something I can be proud of and helping others design a better future no matter the materials they are handed”.


  • The Smithers, Founder