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Improve the quality of life of communities through the use of real estate development.

Donangelo grew up in a diverse North Georgia town that allowed him to meet people from various backgrounds and income levels. As the child of hard-working immigrants, he noticed the immense potential at his school and in his community, so he decided to get students involved in helping others. From being a team captain for his track and cross country team to leading DECA projects, Donangelo has shown leadership in his community and has aimed to help others reach their potential by advising students around him. He became event coordinator of his school’s Key Club and National Honors Society and has helped students earn over 800 hours of volunteer hours by connecting students to local community organizations that align with their interests. He also worked with a local non-profit initiative (Hall is Home) and raised over $2000 for foster children to help their families during Christmas time. He wanted to involve many students at his school in this project because over 70% are PELL eligible. He aimed to set up a positive precedent for students like him to get involved in the community.

Away from school, Donangelo has a creative interest in real estate. By combining the skills he has learned from running his photography business and his natural communications skills, Donangelo helps run a blog, ‘The Faces of Hall County.’ As an intern at this organization, he aims to increase real estate sales in his local community by interviewing local leaders that make a significant impact and creating videos that showcase leisure activities. He currently has over 60k impressions from his marketing content. One day, he has a goal to become a real estate developer to build schools, housing, healthcare, and other valuable amenities to improve the quality of life for people around the world.


  • DECA, President
  • President’s Club, President
  • Donangelo Marshall Photography, Founder