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Dismantle the intergenerational cycle of disadvantage within minority groups.

From a young age Daniela has taken on large responsibilities at home, while succeeding academically. Growing up she witnessed many people with nothing but kind hearts, try and help her family when they were struggling. As she continues to see the effects the help of those people has had on her life, she is motivated to pay it forward by helping others.

In high school, she co-chartered and was elected Vice President of Key Club at York International. She is dedicated to teaching leadership and community involvement to young students who were never taught to normalize collectivism or the power in numbers. By breaking down negative stigmas within those groups of kids, she hopes that they will turn around and do the same for the next group. Growing up, Daniela struggled to self-advocate, after finding her voice and learning to use it, she is determined to help families that have dealt with similar obstacles to hers work to overcome them. After graduating with a degree in criminology, Daniela hopes to open a nonprofit organization to support Latina victims of domestic violence and assist with other obstacles they may face, providing community, legal aid, child care, mental health care, and food.


  • YouthRoots, Member
  • Key Club, Co-founder and Vice President
  • Student Government, Representative