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Barajas-Lee. The hyphen in between her last name is a bridge that connects her vastly different cultures: Mexican and Korean. Daniela is passionate about sharing her unique heritage with others. For years, she has been an on-call volunteer at non-profit organizations like Literacy Outreach that focuses on helping immigrant adults in the Valley learn English, and Me & Korea that focuses on helping Korean adoptees across the nation learn Korean. However, her passion for providing service for others does not stop here. She is a determined Link Leader who helps the Freshman class adjust, a tutor who truly tries to understand students’ challenges, and a friendly volunteer at the elementary school’s special education department. In the near future, she plans to pursue a degree in neuroscience along with the pre-medicine track. Deeply studying the nervous system, she would like to gain further understanding of human developmental differences. In college, she will search for opportunities to contribute to autism research, hoping to someday provide treatments that the autism community not only needs, but also wants.


  • National Honor Society, Class of 2021 AdvisorĀ 
  • Glenwood Springs Legacy Dance Company, DancerĀ 
  • Free Tutoring Program, FounderĀ