Daisy Pineda

Class of 2020

Daisy decided to take advantage of opportunities in this counry after visiting relatives in Mexico and seeing, first hand, the true meaning of hunger. With her father’s encouragement to work hard to be successful, Daisy vowed not to take anything for granted. She attended Northside College Prep, one of the most rigorous and highly ranked high schools in the country, where she achieved a perfect 4.0 GPA.

Daisy experienced bullying at a young age, and through this she found a lifelong passion for Jui Jitsu and used it as an avenue for giving back. While developing her confidence and self-discipline, she became the female pioneer in her dojo, and was responsible for passing on the values she learned to younger students as an assistant instructor. In an effort to promote cultural appreciation and an exposure to the outdoors, she co-founded Zen Garden, which planned, raised money for, and constructed a Japanese garden on her high school campus. Additionally, she dedicated her time to food and health awareness, helping to grow crops in urban farms for local soup kitchens.