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Daisy’s favorite thing in the world are her cats. At her high school, Arrupe Jesuit, she has been class president, participated in a multitude of clubs, and has remained top of her class for the past four years. Outside of school, Daisy works in a pharmacy where she helps patients every day to solve insurance issues and medication issues. This job has inspired her to pursue a career in pharmaceutical policy where she can truly make a difference in the lives of others. During her free time, Daisy enjoys spending time with her family and in her school community. She is constantly planning events like senior nights and pep rallies, and many people rely on her to keep the school year filled with fun events! She hopes to make a change in the future of the pharmaceutical world and impact the lives of those in her community.


  • Student Government, President 
  • Sophomore Retreat, Student Leader
  • Denver Tech Dentistry, Sterilization Assistant