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Disrupt the current educational systems to ensure more equitable education opportunities for all.

“Do everything from the heart and don’t expect anything in return”. Motivated by her grandmother’s advice and driven by her strong work ethic and desire to succeed, Dahni is determined to make a difference and stand up for her convictions, regardless of the challenges she may face. Raised to understand the importance of prioritizing school to receive a good education, Danhi was relentless in achieving academic excellence, completing her high school graduation requirements early and attending community college full-time in her senior year of high school. As the founder of the Black Student Alliance at her high school, co-founder of the nationally recognized podcast “Know Justice, Know Peace”, and as team captain for her Junior Varsity Volleyball Dahni is always using her voice to advocate for others. With a passion for education and racial equity, Dahni aspires to be an entrepreneur and lawyer, aiming to address systemic racism and to promote more equitable education opportunities nationwide.


  • Founder of the Black Student Alliance
  • Co-founder of the Podcast “Know Justice Know Peace; The Take”
  • Team Captain for Junior Varsity Volleyball