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Uphold universal human rights through science and technology.

Since arriving in the U.S. two years ago, Ceyda has had to rebuild her life from scratch, an experience she says that has ultimately made her a stronger person as she realized that a good challenge stimulates her ambition and motivation. As a progressive Muslim who believes in individual liberties, Ceyda is motivated, determined, compassionate, and eager to work towards being a leader that will do her best to make our world a better place. She has already left a lasting impact on multiple communities. She founded WeLead, an international non-profit organization that mentors K-12 girls to discover their potential in STEM and leadership, to contribute to gender equality and create a free space to voice the views of young girls from diverse backgrounds. She also provided English lessons to Turkish refugees in Greece. As an intern for the Orange County Democratic Party, Ceyda worked locally to register hundreds of voters in the 2020 election.

Through computer science, Ceyda hopes to contribute to the science behind algorithms that detect human rights violations as they occur using social media data.


  • WeLead, Founder
  • Management & Marketing Club, Founder
  • Chapel Hill Youth Council, Co-founder, Outreach & Information Committee