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Create a nonprofit organization providing academic and mental health resources for students of color which prevents children harming themselves or others due to disproportional access to resources.

Throughout high school Ceirra worked continuously with her community through her school’s Volunteer Club and working with non-profit organizations such as Steps to Success Montbello, The Power of One Youth Violence Prevention Organization, and Young Aspiring American Social and Political Activism.. She was a co-host of Denver Public Schools’ Black Voice in Color student podcast, fulfilling her passion to advocate for youth of color. Along with being Co-Captian of the Varsity Montbello Cheerleading Team, she plays volleyball and does track and field. Ceirra is studying at Howard University on an academic scholarship to major in marketing. Through her degree, she desires to assist kids in overcoming their insecurities and their academic weaknesses. She is passionate about helping youth in her community and the world and plans to start a nonprofit providing academic, mental health, and success resources for students of color.


  • Co-Host, Know Justice Know Peace podcast
  • President, National Honors Society
  • Founder & President, Volunteer Club