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Brenda is both a courageous risk-taker and a compassionate relationship-builder. She moved to the U.S. from Mexico during her junior year of high school without knowing how to speak or write a sentence of English. Her ability to pick up the language surpassed anything we have seen – and it is entirely due to her unwavering commitment and accountability to meet the high expectations she sets for herself. Brenda was the top student at her school in Mexico and wanted to continue that track record here. She amazed her teachers by volunteering to give presentations in front of the class and becoming involved in extracurricular activities immediately after arriving. Brenda graduated third in her class of 445 students, and teachers described her as one of their best students. Brenda continues to balance her passion for academics, community service, and learning of other cultures through leadership positions in the Latino Student Alliance, Black Student Alliance, Volunteers in Partnership, Pioneer Leadership Program, and the Bridge Project. In addition, she has secured opportunities and funding to study abroad in Spain, Argentina, and China. Brenda believes her commitment to make a difference amongst diverse organizations and people is her path to global leadership.