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Create a positive and lasting impact on society through innovation.

Inspired by her parents’ unwavering determination to provide for their family of nine, Asyat has devoted her life to driving innovative social change. From volunteering as a tutor and leading her school’s robotics team, to taking collegiate-level courses to build her computer science acumen, Asyat is meticulously building a varied skill set to ensure she makes a lasting impact to honor the sacrifices of her parents. Seeking to uplift the members of her underserved community, Asyat created Programs 4 ALL NYC, a website providing over 100 wide-ranging extracurricular, mentorship, and internship resources and support to New York students. Programs 4 ALL NYC reached more than 900 people and effectively highlighted opportunities that could better the lives of those in her neighborhood. Asyat’s dedication to innovation has sparked a keen interest in entrepreneurship. She hopes her experiences as a student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill double majoring in computer science and economics will strengthen her resolve as someone who wants to follow their own path to success.


  • Programs4ALLL NYC, CEO and Founder
  • Wilson County, Teen Court Attorney
  • Learn to Be Tutor