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  • Anna has a strong connection to issues of social justice, stemming from her Polish and Mexican background. Seeing her parents combat adversity with strength and positivity, her father’s physical disability and her mother’s language barrier taught her to acknowledge the worth and value of every human being.
  • Endeavoring to reduce stigmas related to gender identity, sexual orientation, cultural appropriation, sexism, and socio-economic status, Anna worked through various organizations to achieve her goal: Queer Straight Alliance, Payton Organization of Women, and the Students Against Destructive Decisions.
  • Anna once said: “it is because of the economic and social setbacks that I’ve learned to take things into my own hands—to know when it’s best to let other people lead and to know when to take action. I am one of many born into such situations, and because of that I am not alone. There are countless people waiting for their voices to be heard and as members of society we must hear them, learn from them, and take action with them.”