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Reading about the environmental crisis evoked a sense of urgency within Ali. Despite how devastating the issue is, his representatives overlooked this issue that would most negatively impact his and future generations. Ali took the initiative to found the Mikva Club, where his group’s objective was to positively impact their school and community by implementing environmentally sustainable changes. Last summer, they immersed themselves in grant-writing and attending workshops to understand the functionality of solar panels. As a collective, they ensured that everyone was reaching their designated deadlines and doing their part. After weeks of grant-writing and attending workshops, the club had finally obtained the $13,000 grant to install solar panels. Afterwards, his teacher received a phone call towards from one of their partner organizations informing them of a sublime opportunity to send one student to represent Chicago Public School district – the third largest district in the nation – at the United Nations Climate Summit as a youth delegate. His teachers were ecstatic and Ali was honored when they selected him to represent his peers and his city at the Summit.


  • Mather Mikva Club, Founder
  • Mather High School Local Student Council, Elected Representative
  • Chicago Public School Student Strategic Advisory Team, Student Representative