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Combating pollution with solar energy.

Aishat was born in Nigeria, where she experienced firsthand the challenges of living without access to clean or stable electricity. These challenges inspired her to pursue a career in engineering with a focus on improving infrastructure and bringing renewable energy solutions to low-income communities. As a first-generation college student, Aishat is dedicated to making a significant impact through her work. In high school, Aishat joined Club Terra, where she took on leadership roles in organizing thrift markets, tree planting events, and educational assemblies. Recognizing the importance of education, Aishat became a Freedom Scholar and founded “Terrific Tutoring,” an online tutoring service for K-8 students, to provide educational support and resources to young learners. Her journey continues at the University of Illinois Chicago, where her infectious enthusiasm and unwavering work ethic will undoubtedly drive her to achieve the change she envisions.


  • Exodus Tutoring, President
  • Black Student Union, Asante Director
  • Club Terra, Events Coordinator