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Karina takes pride in her ability to overcome the major obstacles and oppression from being born and raised in an impoverished Denver community. Originally from Juarez, Mexico, her family put blood, sweat and tears into buying and fixing up their home that first came without windows or floors and covered in graffiti. It is through her struggles that she has found the strength and determination to defy expectations – seeking out a better education for herself at Arrupe Jesuit, achieving First Academic Honors all four years, and being appointed as the Philanthropy Ambassador, making her the face of the school for visitors and prospects.

Karina views college as “the opportunity to equip myself to build a better world.” She envisions obtaining a degree in political science and pursuing a career in policy to give poverty-stricken, racially-diverse communities access to greater opportunities. Karina has unlimited resolve and determination yet recognized, as soccer team captain, that her impact was not measured in number of wins, but in the number of times she was able to motivate her team to keep going.


  • Student Council Secretary
  • Varsity Team Captain
  • Philanthropy Ambassador at Arrupe Jesuit