Leah Zillner (Granzotto)


Born and raised on the Lake Michigan coast in both Holland and Saugatuck, Michigan, Leah bleeds blue after graduating from the University of Michigan in 2014 as a first generation college student. At Michigan, Leah majored in Spanish and International Studies, taking multiple classes on human rights.

She spent her first 3 years after college in the recruiting and staffing industry working for Medix. While at Medix, Leah volunteered with Greenhouse Scholars during New Scholar Selection for the Class of 2021. Leah joins Greenhouse Scholars because of her growing passion for philanthropy and understanding of the importance of higher education. She moved to Denver to be close to the mountains and get away from the Midwest winters.

Leah enjoys life in Denver with her husband, Erik, and their Golden Retriever, Rocky Zee.