Phuong Pham

California Institute of Technology
Class of 2025

Promote post-secondary education in underrepresented and underserved communities.

A high performer in and out of the classroom, Phuong is a tennis champion, science olympiad, innovator, and polyglot. Inspired by her parent’s journey to the United States after the Vietnam War, she plans to leverage engineering to improve the lives of others, saying “If I want to make the world a better place for everyone, I have to change it myself”. An ambitious problem solver, Phuong is already making tangible and measurable change in her community. Feeling frustrated as the only girl in her engineering courses, Phuong approached the school board to create a mentorship program that encourages middle school girls to take advantage of STEM programming. After program implementation, the results were motivating: the incoming freshman saw a 20% increase of girls in STEM classes.

Phuong’s passion for community is not limited to STEM. Eager to see her peers succeed after high school, she launched a series of virtual college fairs in her district to illuminate the endless potential that exists beyond the boundaries of their small and isolated town. She recruited businesses, universities, and community colleges from around the state to introduce programs and opportunities that most students never knew existed. Enthusiastic to help others, Phuong’s mission is to see all under-represented communities flourish and prosper.


  • Discovery Center Children’s Museum, Youth Volunteer
  • Varsity Science Olympiad, JV Mentor
  • Auburn Knights, Student Ambassador