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Solving for gun violence and police brutality.

LaHannah has been described as having an unparalleled passion for empowering her community and creating social change. Though she grew up surrounded by gun violence and police brutality, she didn’t let her circumstances hold her back. In fact, she used them as opportunities to better herself and her community. After seeing her sister bleeding from a gunshot wound, LaHannah resolved to funnel her distress into action. At the age of 13, she created Neighborhood Youth Creating Change, a direct-action organization for youth in violent neighborhoods and later helped plan a community innovation workshop to provide youth with alternatives to violence.

Though LaHannah is the youngest of nine, she is the first person in her family to attend college. She wants to continue to be a positive role model for her nieces and nephews. She will study political science at Georgetown University, and wants to use her spirit of activism to improve police-community relations in her Bronzeville community.


  • Creator, Perspectives’ Seniors’ Support Group
  • Creator, Neighborhood Youth Creating Change
  • Captain, Basketball team
  • Captain, Volleyball team