Fredys Ruiz

Dominican University
Class of 2023

Providing medical care and critical needs to children in Honduras.

Raised by his grandparents in a rustic Honduras village with no electricity or running water, Fredys understands that “higher education is the essential component I need to impact the world.” At age 7, he was sent to the United States to live with his parents, whom after years of being apart, he no longer recognized. Early life in the US was challenging; there was domestic violence at home and he was slow to learn English and adapt to American culture. Strong-willed, Fredys persevered through it all focusing on how to be selfless, take initiative, and contribute to the household. At 15, he began working 35 hours a week to assist with monthly bills; a schedule he still keeps today. His college counselor described him as a “remarkably driven, mature, and introspective young man.”

Fredys’ mission is to bring clean water, food, clothing, and medical care to children in third world countries. From his humble beginnings, he remembers the village children who would often get sick from the contaminated river water and had no recourse for treatment. As a nurse practitioner, he plans to personally provide aid where there is a lack of proper medical care.