Arielle Sandoval

Class of 2021

Diagnosed with a chronic disease her sophomore year, Arielle was forced to step down from the competitive athletics she loved. Her deep commitment to her small town helped her channel her energy to helping her community, in spite of her debilitating illness. Gaining new perspective after her diagnosis, she says, “Suffering taught me that everyone has struggles, so I intend to be a shining light to all I come into contact with, helping and bringing joy”. She founded the Art, Music, Children: Inspiring Children through the Arts project, an effort to combine her passions of art and music to provide a creative outlet for disadvantaged children, which eventually impacted nearly 120 students.

In addition to finishing high school as Valedictorian, Arielle served as her Class of 2017 President, President of the National Honors Society and President of her school’s service club. Dismayed at the out flux of motivated, talented students from her small, rural hometown, she intends to gain as much knowledge as possible throughout her college career in order to return to her La Jara community and give back.