Alexander “Alex” Latham

North Carolina State University
Class of 2025

Create efficient solutions to the never-ending problems farmers encounter.

Growing up in a very small rural town in Eastern, NC, Alex has experienced and witnessed the challenges faced by those without access to resources. Alex has been working since the 7th grade to help support his family. He started a landscaping business at the age of 14 to help his family after making a deal with a neighbor to use his lawn mower. Alex worked 55 hours a week throughout high school while maintaining a 4.0 GPA. He has a deep appreciation for where he comes from and a strong desire to make improvements in his community. With the firm belief that true leadership means leading by example, Alex recognizes that he will be a role model to many others in his small town of 1,500.

With his degree in engineering, Alex aims to bring jobs back to his community by creating solutions to the problems farmers face, and starting an organization to develop wetlands for recreational use.


  • Beta Club, Member
  • Student Government, Class Parliamentarian
  • Local Wildlide Guide, Volunteer